I'm a father, a husband a community supporter and a veteran. Initially I searched for an idea to give back to a profession that provided me with an amazing career to serve my community. After twenty years working in public safety and service in the Armed Forces.  I needed a change and desired to spend more time with family and friends that supported my work life and all that went with it.

This product gave me an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship and the struggles and wins that comes with it; and gave me another focus other than worry that my job brought. A versatile marking idea with endless possibilities.

These bumpers can be made to support any organization, sports team or even a movement campaign to advertise YOUR belief, statement or product. I've always supported the men and women working Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and our Armed Forces so I made the red and blue lines. A portion of all orders goes towards those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I'm the most proud.